हम बोलेगा तो बोलोगे के बोलता है।

Just read this imaginary news:

Vishwa Hindu parishad has declared an ambitious plan to house the slum dwellers mumbai. However, as can be expected, this ‘carrot’ comes with a sizable ’stick’ – that you will have to abide by the rules the cultural police of VHP have kindly designed for you. These rules take away your individuality, your right to choose your life style, your unique personality – but gives you a 275 ft home in Mumbai suburb at a very attractive price package. A very clear case of ‘pact with the devil’, many experts believe.

The site will include a cyber cafe – but with compulsory parental control on internet – no porn, islamic, christian religious sites allowed. The men will be allowed to marry, but married women can not wear western outfits while going out of house. The A cable operator has been identifid to give cable connections at competitive rates, but he is expected to block religious discourses of Christian and Muslim clergy and ban watching PTV, FTV, MTV, ‘V’ TV, and some such channels the cultural police disapprove. A central place is reserved for a play ground – but it will have a hanuman statue in one corner, and you will have to play only under its watchful eyes.

The boys and girls will be encouraged to attand the daily ’shakhas’ of RSS – but of course these will be different. No co-ed shakhas – the twenty first century by damned! The complex will have one temple – for all the hidu gods and demi gods. The Buddha has somehow been accomodated. But No church or mosque, sorry sir. Even the nation, so aptly described as ’secular and socialist’ by our constitution, will have to look and act like a hindu godess, and in that form of ‘Bharat Mata’ she will be prayed in this mandir. Those whose religious sensibilies get hurt by such crass idolatry, are not welcome.

Please note once again that this is an imaginary news – I have tried to write in the manner of a secular media person – but I can not claim expertise.

However, if VHP were to declare such scheme, just imagine

* How Nikhil Wagle will screech and scream

* How excited the panelists will become on each and every channel

* What the news paper editorials will have to say

* How the media will hound secular people like Lalu, Mulayam, Abu Azmi, various imams and archbishops, for their reaction on Talibanisation of Indian masses

* How sad will Medha Patkar look

* How parliament will be adjourned amidst demands for banning VHP, banning RSS, public hanging of Modi, etc.

Just imagine all this – and then read the news by Indian Express about ‘Selective charity’ . After you read the news, note the silence that has greeted this news (it was published more than a week ago!). Think about the reasons!

Act before people convince you that you are the villain in your own country.


One thought on “हम बोलेगा तो बोलोगे के बोलता है।

  1. jamshid December 14, 2009 / 6:05 pm

    hi atul,i liked ur concept of blogging and keeping in touch with world,thts in fact yesterday vinayji asked me to start a blog,i was searching how to start and i found abt ur workshop on net activism,thts gr8

    now i m with seva sahayog foundation mumbai office is at dadar

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