No, RTI is not being used for blackmailing.

It is very fashionable to accuse the RTI Act as being used for ‘blackmail. In every single interaction with government officers, all trainers have to devote a lot of time to hear about the complaints of ‘frequent info – seekers’. To end this discussiion, a leading activist, Mr. Vihar Durve, has saught copies of complaints lodged with police about this black mail. Maharashtra’s Director General of Police has informed that they do not have a single complaint all across Maharashtra where RTI was being used as blackmail.

Now, those who have been making such clamis can either stop making this claim. Or they can start filing police complaints whenever they come across a case of blackmail by an RTI Activist. But they shall not hide behind baseless accusations.

Copy of application:

RTI Activist seeks record regarding blackmail by RTI users.
Vihar Durve RTI Appllication


Copy of Maharashtra DGP replyPolice have no FIRs mentioning an RTI Activist as blackmailer
Letter from DGP Maharashtra

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