How to find the files about coal scam that PMO insists its not missing!

ImageThe PMO is adamantly saying that the files are not missing. But it is not able to produce them in from of the CBI also. I quite believe the gentlemen from PMO. So, I thought I shall offer my bit of assistance to them. They should remind their ‘record officer’ that the habit of misplacing files, in legal language called ‘unauthorised removal, may land the poor record officer in jail for a short term of 5 years. Then they can try replying the RTI application below.


Application under the Right to Information Act, 2005


The Public Information Officer,

Prime Minister’s Office

South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi. India-110011.
Telephone: 91-11-23012312

Sub: Periodic inspection of your record under the Public Record Act 1993

Dear Sir,

I,____________, apply for getting the information described below under the Right to Information Act, 2005. My details are as follows:



Details of Information applied for:

(1)  Name and designation of each person working as ‘records officer’ under section 2(g) of the Public Record Act, 1993 (PRA93); along with the period for which he/ she held that position.

(2)  Dates on which periodic inspection of the records were carried out by the records officer during the period 01 Jan 2005 to the date of reply to this application.

(3)  Number of files found missing/ non traceable/ removed without authorization at each such inspection

(4)  Copies of documents showing appropriate action taken by record officer about missing/ non traceable files from time to time under section 7(1) of the PRA93

(5)  Copies of correspondence between record officer and the Director General or head of the archives under section 7(2) of the PRA93

Is the applicant a person below poverty line? No


 ( S  I  G  N  E  D)


Friends, if you also want to offer your help, just type out a similar application, attach a DD or postal Order payable to “Section Officer, Prime Minister’s Office” payable at New Delhi, and send it on the address above. I am sure Mr. Prime Minister will be eternally grateful to you. Hurry, if you are late,hey may find the files before your application reaches them.

Best luck!